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Momento is a conceptual product created for Blackberry and Rado Switzerland through OCAD Universityโ€™s Industrial Design Program. We were tasked to seek out a product combining the values of both brands without being a watch or a smartphone. While looking into technologies on a 3-5 year horizon we address brand values of Mobility, Luxury, Communication and Connection. 

In the age of digital photography anyone can take hundreds of photos, with no surprises, that could mean almost nothing the next week. Why must digital technologies inhibit us from capturing moments that Kodak immortalized 40 years ago, when film was king?


Form & Function

The form of Momento took inspiration from the classic pocket watch: Momento fulfills its purpose and starts working only when it's opened. Until then Momento is an accessory, a luxurious style-piece. (We toyed with the idea of a fobbed cord/chain, like a pocket watch, but after some prototyping and testing this proved counterproductive to the photographing experience.)


Technology & Material


High Quality Camera

The camera was the single most important piece of technology: working in 2011, we forecasted likely 2015-16 tech trends and targeted a 4K, high MegaPixel camera in our device. We were bang-on trend.  

Beautiful Display

For the display we spec'ed thin, and borderless. We went with an AMOLED (Active-Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) display. During initial research AMOLED displays had begin to make their way into smartphones.  


RADO Patented Ceramic

Cost was not an issue for this product, we wanted only the best, most durable and most awe-inspiring materials; Rado's patented and highly successful ceramic material as the body of our device fit that bill. 

Blackberry Network

Momento is directly connected to Blackberry's massive network. Momento is meant to be painless and automated; we wanted to make sure Momento could always send your photos and videos to your personal album anywhere and anytime. 


User Experience


1. The Device

The user experience starts when Moment is taken out of your pocket and opened, just like a pocket watch. An aluminum cylindrical hinge allows you to slide the device open and the display comes to life. With two displays, an accelerometer determines which direction the device is held and chooses your display and camera.  

2. Capturing the Moment

There's nothing to complicate the moment. Momento auto-focuses, sets your exposure and allows you to quickly capture the moment. With your scene in fram you simply tap on the screen to capture it. If you want to take a video, tap and hold and progress bar for time appears on screen. 

3. Enjoying the Moment

A moment should be enjoyed; time uploading seems like a waste. Blackberry network archives your photo or video to your personal album for review and later editing. Slide Momento closed and continue to take in the moment that's special to you.  

4. Private & Personal

Your photo or video is uploaded to a private and personal album online where you can update personal metadata: the photo's backstory, the weather, the location or even the news of the day - exactly like memorializing the moment by annotating the back of your photograph.  


Web Experience

Once a user has captured a moment the photo or video is uploaded to a private online album where they can review it before adding it to their timeline of moments. 


A prototype created in Facebook's Origami.


On Display

Momento was selected and put on display at the 2012 Interior Design Show in Toronto, Canada. The booth was run with the support of Rado Switzerland, Blackberry and OCAD University. The models were handcrafted by Simon Bailey with all laser-cutting and 3D prototyping done by Matthew Kissick. Photography is courtesy Sara Clausnitzer Photography.