Hype Machine



Hype Machine is a music app that compiles the latest music from a variety of blogs. It allows you to "love" the music that you love most which saves it to a list of favourites. The Hype Machine app has been through many small improvements but the longterm user experience is one that is full of frustration. I worked on a series of features I feel best improve that longterm users full experience. 


Filtered Search

Within  'Favorites' I added a 'Filtered Search' which gives the user the ability to find specific tracks in their sometimes long list of loved music. For longterm users this will save a lot of scrolling. 


Scroll by Year

When scrolling through your list of 'Favorites' there's no indicator of when you loved the track. It can also make remembering where and when you loved that track almost impossible. Now when a user starts to scroll they can jump to each year by tapping on it. Additionally the month is displayed on the first track loved that month.  


Playlists 2.0

In the current Hype Machine app there are three options for playlists listed as 'Up', 'Down' and 'Weird'. I truthfully only discovered these when playing around with the app for the sake of this project. Playlists needed to change. Tapping the playlist icon in the options bar brings up a list of previous playlists to add to and options to make a new playlist. 


Playlists have also been added as an option in the main menu, making it much easier for users to get to their list of playlists when they need them, from anywhere in the app.