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The Problem 

The state of office lighting is one that does not put the users beneath it first. Technologies, most commonly fluorescents, have many health and work-related issues. On top of this it is a dated technology with newer, better solutions already available.


The Purpose

The modern office is one that is changing, no longer a static space, it is one under constant flux. Because of this these spaces need a lighting source that can adapt and change based on the spaces’ needs. The space should dictate the lighting, not the other way around.


The Technology

For Daylight, full-spectrum LED lighting was used. By replicating the qualities of natural light a healthier light was created. The lighting changes throughout the day, seasons and specific user needs. On top of the health benefits, LED’s provide longer burn times, easier disposal and energy savings.


Business Benefits

For businesses, benefits range from longterm cost improvements through savings (via a capital expenditure model), to increased productivity and morale amongst workers. As a whole the entire office can work better systematically.


Acrylic Frosted Panels

A near seamless panel allowing for the most aesthetic possible light to shine. 

Metal Frame

Variety of metals allow for aesthetic that the office desires. With multiple lengths, the fixtures are modular and change based off of location and needs. 

Zigbee Technology

Quick and efficient wireless technology allows for a seamless connection and usage for end-users, allowing them to focus on work and life, and not what’s above. 


On Display

Daylight was on display as a prototype at the 98th Annual Grad Exhibition at OCAD University in 2013. Prototyping took place over the course of a year using milling, laser-cutting and OCAD’s model shop.